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Five Blogs Every Data Analyst Should Read

The Data Analytics platform is witnessing a rapid transformation from a web analytics tool to a user-centric measurement tool. This transition is supplemented by a number of changes in the digital marketplace where a user is both a creator as well as consumer of data. The end purpose of every data analytic process is to provide the enhanced user experience. In such innovative times, a person interested in the Data Analytics domain or somebody willing to pursue it diligently needs to stay abreast with the recent introductions and improvisations in the field of analytics.
Apart from numerous customized certifications and programs, multiple blogs are ably equipped with the resource, information and data to aid an amateur as well as a professional data analyst enhance his knowledge and derive more value from raw data sets. Some of the most significant Data Analytics Blogs dealing with the intricacies of Big Data and Data Analytic field have been discussed below.

Cross Validated (Stack Exchange)
Cross Validated is a part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A communities for developers. It is a site for Q& A on statistical analysis, data collection, data mining, machine learning and data analysis. It is targeted at creating a lasting record of explanations to questions. If you are stuck with a professional question regarding any of the above topics and need answers from professionals in the same field, then this blog is your requisite destination.

DBMS2 is a significant blog which spans fields like database management, data analytics, and related technologies. It is authored by Curt Monash of Monash Research Publication, who has been monitoring the highs and lows of the industry since 1981. DBMS 2 features remarks from an expansive range of industry veterans and is regarded as a store for well planned, comprehensive, and unbiased analytical approach valid from a technical as well as industry point of view.

Edwin Chen’s Blog
Currently, Edwin Chen is a data scientist with Twitter. He is a Math and Linguistic scholar from MIT, and blogs on topics of curiosity to data scientists and data analysts. His blogs can be considered a mirror of his brilliant researchers and insights. The basic objective behind all his analysis is to arrive at some kind of functionality. His blog is a good repository of his complex analytic work and the way he visualizes and explains the results. Every blog piece is a rare gem of the world of data analysis and data science.

Simply Statistics
It is a statistics blog by Rafa Irizarry, Roger Peng, and Jeff Leek, professors of biostatistics, with postings about their ideas, discussions, and advice on statistical techniques, data analysis and data science. The blog discusses matter-of-fact instances as well as theoretical propositions and is a must-read for those who are inclined towards similar domains.

What’s The Big Data?
This blog is promoted by Gil Press, a thought leader in the field of Big Data whose contributions in developing some of the landmarks in size and growth estimation of digital data are commendable. In this blog, he explores the rapid growth in the amount of digital data, new tools helping in finding relevant data and analyzing its implications, and impact of Big data on information technology, business, government, and all aspects of our lives.

Some other Blogs which are extremely beneficial for those interested in exploring Data Analytics and Big Data beyond the traditional spheres are as follows:

R-Bloggers- R-Bloggers is a collection created from contributions by bloggers (through RSS feeds) who write about R, the open source software for statistics and data analysis. The site provides an interface for R bloggers to connect with each other, discover new R blogs and follow the R bloggers. Analytics Talk- Those interested in topics like universal analytics, cohort analysis, and the Analytics tag manager should refer to Analytics Talk, the personal blog of Justin Cutroni, the Analytics Advocate at Google.

Google Analytics Blog– This is the official blog of Google Analytics to update readers with latest product integrations and innovations, new features, issues around social media and case-studies of Analytics users.

O’Reilly Data Radar- This blog is a hub for information ranging from software engineering to data. The blogs deal with areas like data and big data together with events and opinions.
Analytics Resource- It is an ed-tech company providing technology solutions to professionals and learners.

Analytics Resource blogs deal with a vast range of topics from Project Management to Data Analytics, their job scenario, career prospects, certifications, and a lot more. Access the blogs at


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